Hip pain can be rather debilitating, and with recent news indicating only the worst cases will receive surgical care – We at Chase Chiropractic Clinic thought it beneficial to share some tips for those who are not quite bad enough!

The hip joint describes the area where the thigh bone meets the pelvis; arthritis of this joint is common and can create limited movement and pain through a variety of reasons.

These tips will help reduce the severity of the pain noted.

  1. Height of the chair

The hip joint pinches when you are sitting with the thigh level or slightly higher than the hip joint. This can create pain after prolonged sitting or when moving from sitting positions.

To reduce the severity of the pinch, simply raise the height of the seat by placing a cushion/pillow underneath yourself or use a posture where your hip is more open

  1. Leg position

Due to the shape of the thigh bone end of the hip joint; when arthritis sets in it can be stressful to place the knees too close together or to cross the legs. A position a lot of our patients with hip arthritis find beneficial is to sit back slightly (recline) then to place the knee away from the midline resting on the outside edge of the foot.

  1. Use heat

Apply a hot water bottle or a wheat bag onto the top of the thigh or on the side of the hip for maximum benefit. 20-30 minutes every few hours can help with discomfort.

  1. Stay active

Whilst movement may be uncomfortable, gentle repetitive movements such as low resistance cycling, elliptical trainers, swimming, walking and gentle exercise from yoga or pilates can help strengthen the muscles that support the hip and will reduce pain.

  1. Stretch

Keeping the muscles that support the hip flexible can help them stay more comfortable and keep the hip more mobile. Stretching should be comfortable and feel easier after 30 seconds, if not this may not be helpful for you. Perform the movements gently.

Some stretches our patients find beneficial are

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